CBCD Seminar Series Timetable

All talks are held in Clore Management Building, Room B01, Birkbeck College, London, WC1E 7HX


Date Time Speaker Title
3rd Oct 2017 1Pm Dr. Sophie von Stumm

Big Data in Developmental Psychology: Using new
technologies for studying early life environments

17th Oct 2017 1PM Prof. Barbara Finlay Brain evolution, brain maturation and the human
social niche
28th Nov 2017 1PM Dr. Henning Tiemeier Early adversity, brain development and childhood
behavioural problems. Research findings from the
Generation R Study
5th Dec 2017 1PM Dr. Petra E. Vertes TBC
12 Dec 2017 1PM Dr. Kathrin Cohen Kadosh Using functional connectivity-based neurofeedback
to train emotion- regulation networks in adolescents
9th Jan 2018 1PM Dr. Casper Addyman Some lessons from happy babies
23rd Jan 2018 1PM Dr. Kim Bard TBC
30th Jan 2018 1PM Dr. Romy Lorenz Neuroadaptive Bayesian Optimization -­‐ Implications
for the Cognitive Sciences
6th Feb 2018 1PM Dr. Andy Bremmer TBC
20th Feb 2018 1PM Dr. Sue Fletcher-­‐ Watson Autism & technology: the state of the art and topics for
the future
13th March 1PM Olivier Pascalis Linkage between Face Processing, Language Processing,
and Narrowing during Development
24th Apr 2018 1PM Dr. Pasco Fearon  - CANCELLED -
1st May 1PM Marcella Pena TBC
8th May 2018 1PM Dr. Josep Call A taste of ape metaphysics
12th June 1PM Jessica Bird and
Keri Wong
Understanding the nature of childhood suspiciousness:
A qualitative study (Keri Wong)