CBCD 21st Anniversary Conference

This past weekend we celebrated 21 (!) years of the CBCD with a 2-day conference. There were talks by former and present members of the CBCD who are now all over the world. Read Annie Brookman-Byrnes fantastic article to learn more about the conference and the broad range of science that the CBCD has been involved in in the past two decades.

We are looking forward to 21 more years of exciting developmental science! 

Results from UnLocke project - How neuroscience can inform a maths and science learning activity

The newest results from the UnLocke - Project, a collaboration between the Centre for Educational Neuroscience and Learnus, show that a neuroscience-based educational program can indeed improve primary school maths and science performance. An excellent example of how research can inform educational practice and have an impact in real life. To read more about their fascinating project click here and/or watch this video! They are also on twitter: @UnLockeCEN  

Me, Human at Live Science

Watch this video to learn about the important work that Dr. Gillian Forrester is doing. You can take part until the 30th of September by visiting her and her research team at the Science Museum here in London! All ages are welcome, its free to attend and open Tuesday to Saturday. Also check out their twitter: @Me_Human !!

MP Chris Skidmore visits the Babylab

We had the honour of MP Chris Skidmore visiting our Babylab this morning. Read his speech including a special mention of the lab!

Cycling 5000km to raise money for the world's first Toddler Lab

Rob Hargreaves, a former student of CBCDs own Natasha Kirkham is currently cycling 5000km across Europe from Paris to the Arctic circle to Berlin to raise money for our new toddler lab. Want to know more about him and how his journey is going?

Follow him on twitter: @HargreavesRJ / #RobsBikeRide and read this article… . 

Inspired by Rob's action to help the progress of developmental science?

You don't have to cycle 5000km to make a contribution! Simply use this link and donate: ToddlerLab

The Psychologist: Room to roam in new ToddlerLab

May 2018

This article discusses the purpose of Birkbeck's most recent project: building the world's first ToddlerLab!

Read more about it here:… 

Revealed: The serious science behind a baby's laugh

24 October 2012

The Independent discusses the Baby Laughter project, which investigates what makes babies laugh and smile, giving us an insight into their understanding of the world.

Read more about it here:…

BBC Future: The secret world of babies

28 March 2018

A visit to the babylab from a parent's perspective; this article covers methodologies used in the Babylab, including functional near infrared spectroscopy (sNIRS) and eye-tracking.

Read more about it here: 


Guardian Live: should you let your baby use a tablet?

18 June 2015

The TABLET project, led by Dr Tim Smith, looks at how the use of touchscreen devices may influence infants' development.

Read more abut it here:…

Here's a link to the project's website:

Nature article: The Big Baby Experiment

4 November 2015

This article provides a nice description of a typical visit to the Babylab.

Read more about it here:



Dr Sarah Lloyd-Fox wins prestigious Wiley and British Academy Psychology Prize

17th September 2018

The Babylab’s Dr Sarah Lloyd-Fox has won the prestigious Wiley and British Academy 2018 prize in Psychology for her impressive body of research studying infants across the globe.  The prize is awarded every two years for promising early career work by a UK based psychologist.  Congratulations Sarah!  

Click here for the full interview:

Click here to read more about her research: 

Symposium in honour of Annette Karmiloff-Smith

Understanding children’s cognitive development – past, present and future

27-28 March 2018

For recordings of select speakers click here.