Online studies



Listed here are interesting and accessible online studies you can take part in from the comfort of home, or wherever you are in the world!

This page is updated regularly so please check back - more will come! Scroll down to see availability - there are studies for infants, children, teenagers and parents.




Daily Life Behaviours of Toddlers!

Calling all parents of 2-5 year olds

Together with our colleagues at Lancaster University, we are studying what kind of behaviours young children show in their daily lives when interacting with objects & people, their general environment and their individual differences! Taking part simply involves filling in some questionnaires online. Please help us out! It takes 10-20 minutes in total. To learn more and take part, please follow this link

The Dreaming and Empathy online study

We are looking for 2-6-year-olds to help us understand how dreaming develops and how it might be related to empathy. Taking part simply involves filling in some questionnaires online.

To learn more, please follow this link.

If you're interested in taking part, please email

The ELC study - not online but in your own home!

We are looking for 6-11 month olds to help us study development from home. We are trying to build a better understanding of the brain, cognitive, and physical development of babies. Taking part simply involves a visit from one of our friendly researchers, at a time of your choosing. 

To learn more, please follow this link EarlyLifeCohortSTUDY.pdf 

If you're interested in taking part, please email

Rhythm, movement, share and play study!

Calling all 8-11 year olds! This new study explores how the development of prosocial (kind social) behaviour can be supported. Our 15 minute online study will ask your child to play three short, fun games and answer some questions. Please help us out! Click here for further info. Click here to start the study!

Searching for Things!

In this entertaining 10 minute online study, your child will see colourful shapes and decide whether a special shape is among them. We are looking for children aged 4 to 9 who can play an interactive game with the computer keyboard. The experiment can be run on a laptop and requires a web-camera. Please click the link to learn more and take part!

How do children and adolescents solve problems in new environments?

We invite children and teenagers aged 6 – 15 to help us understand how they learn to solve problems efficiently. This fun online and anonymous game takes about 45 minutes. We first ask parents to complete a questionnaire and then the child will play! Please click here to find out more. To take part to this study, please click here   

The TeachBRITE Evolution Study

We are developing a new tool (app) to communicate with families about their baby’s development and new skills. This app contains activities you can do with your baby. We are trying out a version that asks parents to tell us how their child likes each activity and whether they could do it. We will also ask you to complete some online questionnaires. This will help us understand how to improve the app and learn more about how babies develop. If you have a baby 4-18 months please take part!

What you need to take part: