Who we are

The Centre for Brain and Cognitive Development (CBCD) was founded in 1998 at Birkbeck, University of London and is directed by Professor Denis Mareschal. It has grown steadily and is now internationally recognised as one of the leading centres of its kind in the world. The work of CBCD members is characterised by its use of converging methods (behavioural testing, eye tracking, ERP, EEG, NIRS, optical imaging, EMG, computer modelling, functional and structural MRI), and by its theory-driven programmes of empirical research on visual, cognitive, and language development in human infants, children, adolescents and adults.

The work undertaken at CBCD is only possible through the generous support of our many funders, Birkbeck and the numerous families and children who have volunteered their time.

CBCD biennial report download (PDF)

The Babylab at CBCDbaby-screen.jpg

At the Babylab we want to better understand how babies learn and develop, particularly during the first 2 years of life.

We create fun studies that help us discover:

  • how babies recognise faces
  • how babies learn to pay attention to some things and not others
  • how they learn to understand what other people do and think, and
  • how their language and understanding of the world develop

If you live in or around London and are interested in participating in our studies, please sign up!
You can follow this link to register your baby.

The ToddlerLab

“The new ToddlerLab will provide us with an exciting facility for toddlers to roam around, interact with peers and behave as they would in the normal world, but all the while wearing specialist equipment that allows us to measure their brain activity.”

Professor Denis Mareschal, Director of the CBCD