Jannath Begum Ali

Postdoctoral Researcher

Centre for Brain and Cognitive Development
School of Psychology
Birkbeck College
Malet Street
London WC1E 7HX

Phone: +44 (0)20 3073 8038

Email: jannath.begum@bbk.ac.uk

Research Interests


Publication List

Begum Ali, J., Spence, C. & Bremner, A.J (in press) Getting in touch with the outside world: Crossed feet confuse 6-, but not 4-month-old infants. Current Biology.

Begum Ali, J., Cowie, D. & Bremner, A.J (2014): Effects of posture on tactile localization by 4 years of age are modulated by sight of the hands: Evidence for an early acquired external spatial frame of reference. Developmental Science.

Bremner, A.J., Begum Ali, J. & Cowie, D (2014): The origins of ability and automaticity in tactile spatial perception. Developmental Science.

Rigato, S., Begum Ali, J., van Velzen, J. & Bremner, A.J (2014): The neural basis of somatosensory remapping develops in human infancy. Current Biology.