Anna Kolesnik

PhD Student


Professor Mark Johnson 
Dr Jannath Begum Ali

Research Interests

My primary research interest is looking to examine the theory of excitation/inhibition imbalance in infants at risk of autism spectrum disorders. In my current MSc research project I am looking at secondary data to look at potential differences in gamma-band responses to auditory tones in 8- and 14-month-old infants.

My postgraduate studies are funded by ESCR 1+3 DTC studentship


MSc Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuropsychology 
Birkbeck, University of London 
2015 - Present

BSc (I ClassHons) Psychology 
University of Sheffield 
2012 - 2015

Research Posts

Research Assistant
Developmental Affective Neuroscience Laboratory, University of Sheffield 

Conference Proceedings

Kolesnik, A., Howsley, P., Waller, G., & Levita, L. Poster presentation for Relationship between risk taking and anxiety in children, adolescents and adults ; at the BPS Annual Conference 2015