Eleanor Braithwaite

PhD Student
Centre for Brain and Cognitive Development
School of Psychology,
Birkbeck College Henry Wellcome Building,
Phone: +44 (0)20 3073 0855
Email: e.braithwaite@bbk.ac.uk
Research interests
I am interested in early brain and cognitive development during infancy and toddlerhood, particularly that which helps children who are at a disadvantage, be that for social or other reasons. I am also interested in open science and in communicating neuroscientific findings to the public. 



Braithwaite E. K., Jones E., Johnson M., Holmboe K. Dynamic modulation of frontal theta power predicts cognitive ability in infancy: a pre-registered analysis. (under prep)


2013 - 2016 BA (hons) Psychology and Linguistics, University of Oxford

2017 - 2018 MSc Educational Neuroscience, UCL and Birkbeck, University of London

Previous employment

2016  Research Assistant, Catch Up Literacy

2016 - 2017 Teaching Assistant, Holy Trinity Infant CE School