Dr Dagmara Annaz

Lecturer, School of Health and Social Sciences, Middlesex University, London; Honorary Research Fellow, Birkbeck

Middlesex University, London

Honorary Research Fellow, Birkbeck,

32 Torrington Square


Research interests

PhD Students


Anna Sniecinska: Endocrine secretion and sleep patterns in Williams syndrome


Jo Van Herwegen: Figurative Language in Williams Syndrome


Lim Al Kewo: A Longitudinal Cross-Cultural Investigation on the Role of Make-Believe Play in Children’s Socio-Cognitive Development


Curriculum vitae



 Annaz, D., Hill, C. M., Ashworth, A, Holley, S. & Karmiloff-Smith, A. (submitted). Sleep disturbances in children with genetic disorders: a case of Williams syndrome


Whayte, S., McCaughey, E., Annaz, D., & Hill, C.M. (submitted). Sleep problems in cerebral palsy population.


Carter, M., McCaughey, L., Annaz, D., & Hill, C. M. (2009). Sleep problems in a Down syndrome population. Archives of Disease in Childhood



Rundblad, G. & Annaz, D. (in press). The atypical development of metaphor and metonymy in autism. Autism


Rundblad, G. & Annaz, D. (in press). Metaphor and metonymy comprehension: receptive vocabulary and conceptual knowledge. British Journal of Developmental Psychology


Annaz, D., Thomas, M. S. C., Fishman, R., Karmiloff-Smith, A., & Rundblad, G., (2008). The comprehension of metaphor and metonymy in children with Williams syndrome and typically developing children. International Journal of Language & Communication Disorders


Developmental disorders

Annaz, D, Remington, A., Milne, E., Campbell, R., Coleman, M., Thomas, M.S.C, & Swettenham, J. (under revision). Development of motion processing trajectories in autism.


Annaz, D., Karmiloff-Smith, A., Johnson, M. H., & Thomas, M. S. C. (2009).  Development of holistic face recognition in children with Autism, Down syndrome and Williams syndrome. Journal of Child Experimental Psychology.


Thomas, M. S. C., Annaz, D., Ansari, D., Scerif, G., Jarrold, C., & Karmiloff-Smith, A. (2009). Using developmental trajectories to understand genetic disorders. Journal of Speech Language and Hearing Research.


Annaz, D. & Karmiloff-Smith, A. (2008). The Importance of Tracing Developmental Trajectories for Clinical Child Neuropsychology. In J.Reed & J.Warner Rogers (Eds.), Child Neuropsychology: Concepts, Theory and Practice.