CBCD 21st Anniversary Conference

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Session 1 Mark Johnson The first 10 years and beyond Mark Johnson  
  Gergely Csibra The first 10 years and beyond Gergely Csibra GCsibra_CBCD21.pdf
  Michael Thomas The first 10 years and beyond Michael Thomas MThomas_CBCD21.pdf
  Fred Dick The first 10 years and beyond Fred Dick FDick_CBCD21.pdf
  Natasha Kirkham The first 10 years and beyond Natasha Kirkham  
  Angelica Ronald The first 10 years and beyond Angelica Ronald ARonald_CBCD21.pdf
  Denis Mareschal The first 10 years and beyond   DMareschal_CBCD21.pdf
Session 2 Gÿorgy Gergely Preverbal infants can recognise ostensive communication and infer transfer of relevant information Gÿorgy Gergely


  Caspar Addyman Why it is great to be a baby Caspar Addyman CAddyman_CBCD21.pdf
  Przemyslaw Tomalski Rare moments of tango. Dyadic attention during infant-parent interactions Przemyslaw Tomalski PTomalski_CBCD21.pdf
  Silvia Rigato Impact of maternal depressive symptoms on infant development Silvia Rigato SRigato_CBCD21.pdf
Session 3 Teodora Gliga Why I (don't) study social cognition in autism Teodora Gliga TGliga_CBCD21.pdf
  Victoria Southgate Infant Theory of Mind: Where are we now Victoria Southgate VSouthgate_CBCD21.pdf
  Iroise Dumontheil Social cognition during adolescence Iroise Dumontheil IDumontheil_CBCD21.pdf
Session 4 Atsushi Senju What makes social signals special? Or A long way back to autism research Atsushi Senju ASenju_CBCD21.pdf
  Emily Jones Towards a transational developmental neuroscience Emily Jones EJones_CBCD21.pdf
  Gillian Forrester Cognitive developmental within an evolutionary framework Gillian Forrester GForrester_CBCD21.pdf
Session 5 Linda Smith Learning from the infant's point of view Linda Smith LSmith_CBCD21.pdf
  Marko Nardini Learning to combine the senses Marko Nardini MNardini_CBCD21.pdf
Session 6 Evelyne Mercure Comunicative development in infancy: Language experience, deafness and plasticity   EMercure_CBCD21.pdf
  Saloni Krishnan Brain organization in language development Saloni Krishnan SKrishnan_CBCD21.pdf
Session 7 Karla Holmboe The Early Childhood Inhibitory Touchscreen Task Karla Holmboe KHolmboe_CBCD21.pdf
  Tim Smith DigiTots: Attention control differences in infant and toddler touchscreen users Tim Smith  
Session 8 Sarah Lloyd-Fox If the cap fits.... fNIRS at CBCD Sarah Lloyd-Fox SLloydFox_CBCD21.pdf
  Sam Wass Interpersonal neural synchrony and responsivity during early learning interactions Sam Wass SWass_CBCD21.pdf
Session 9 Teresa Farroni Just between You and Me Teresa Farroni TFarroni_CBCD21.pdf
  Tessa Dekker Developing an optimised visuomotor system Tessa Dekker TDekker_CBCD21.pdf
  Maria Laura Filippetti The development of body awareness Maria Laura Filippetti  
Session 10  Richard Aslin CBCD turns 21: What have we learned about the mechanisms of learning and development?  Richard Aslin RAslin_CBCD21.pdf