John Ross McIlroy

PhD Student

John Ross McIlroy was a PhD student at the Centre for Brain and Cognitive Development when he passed away in May 2007. This tragic event brought a deep sadness to the CBCD and JR is truly missed by his friends and colleagues at Birkbeck.

Here is more about JR's exceptional life:

Research interests

JR was working on a project on language development using functional imaging. He was supervised by Dr. Frederic Dick.

Curriculum vitae

2006-2007: PhD student at Birkbeck - University of London, United Kingdom

2003-2006: Degree in Psychology, San Diego State University, USA


Turner, K.C., Frost, L., Linsenbardt, D., McIlroy, J.R., Muller, R.A. (2006). Atypically diffuse functional connectivity between caudate nuclei and cerebral cortex in autism. Behavioral and Brain Functions, 2:34.