Rebecca Harrison

Postdoctoral Researcher

Centre for Brain and Cognitive Development
Henry Wellcome Building
Birkbeck, University of London
Malet Street



Research Interests

My primary research interests are within Psychiatric Genetics, with a particular focus on longitudinal patient stratification using a variety of integrated data sources. I have extensive experience in predictive modelling treatment outcomes and adverse effects using clinical, expression and genetic data. I have worked on schizophrenia, autism, antipsychotic-induced weight gain and drug plasma level phenotypes. I am currently investigating the genetic influences on measures of social attention related to autism spectrum disorder in families. 


PhD (Pending) King’s College London. Thesis Title: ‘A Large Scale Pharmacogenetic Study of Clozapine in Schizophrenia’ 

MA University of Cambridge (Genetics) (2014)


Psychiatric Genetics (2016) Gene-expression analysis of clozapine treatment in whole blood of patients with psychosis. PMCID:PMC5010277

Scientific Reports (2017) Development of multivariable models to predict change in Body Mass Index within a clinical trial population of psychotic individuals PMCID:PMC5677086