Rosanna Edey

PhD Student

PhD Researcher






Primary: Dr Clare Press (Birkbeck, University of London)

Secondary: Dr Iroise Dumontheil (Birkbeck, University of London)


Research Interests:


My main interests involve understanding the association between action and perception. In my current research I explore how individual differences in how we produce actions can alter our perception of the actions of those we interact with. To investigate this mechanism I am studying individuals with Autism Specrtum Disorder, who move with quantifiably different kinematics (more accelerated and jerky movements) relative to individuals who develop typically. I am also studying the developmental trajectory of this mechanism across puberty in typically developing individuals.


I use behavioural studies, which include novel paradigms that allow us to measure subtle differences in how individuals produce actions, and then relate this to perception of similar actions produced by others. Specifically asking people to make judgments about higher-level concepts, such as emotional expressions and intentions from low-level movement information.


My PhD is funded through a teaching assistantship at Birkbeck College.


If you are interested in my research or have any questions please contact me:




PhD Pyschology

Birkbeck, University of London



MSc Applied Peadiatric Neuropsychology

Institute of Child Health, University Collage London



BSc Applied Psychology

Cardiff University



Research Assistant Posts:


Behavioural Medicine Department

International Center for the Disabled, New York



Behavioural Brain Science Unit

Institute of Child Health, University College London


Under the supervision of Dr Jessica Hobson




Edey, R., Yon, D., Cook, J., Dumontheil, I., & Press, C. (under review). Our own action kinematics predict the perceived affective states of others.


Yon, D., Edey, R., Ivry, R. B. & Press, C. (2017). Time on your hands: Perceived duration of sensory events is biased towards concurrent actions. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 146(2), 182-93.


Edey, R., Cook, J., Brewer, R., Johnson, M. H., Bird, G., & Press, C. (2016). Interaction takes two: Typical adults exhibit mind-blindness towards those with autism spectrum disorder. Journal of abnormal psychology, 125(7), 879.


Kawadler, J. M., Kirkham, F. J., Clayden, J. D., Hollocks, M. J., Seymour, E. L., Edey, R., ... & Cox, T. C. (2015). White matter damage relates to oxygen saturation in children with sickle cell anemia without silent cerebral infarcts. Stroke, 46(7), 1793-1799.




London Brain Project, ongoing (Social Media Officer,

Not for profit organisation which aims to engage the public with brain sciences and mental health through the arts.


Brain Waves Festival, Polka Theatre, 2016 (Scientific collaborator to Shake, Rattle and Roll theatre production,

An interactive science festival connecting children and their families with science through theatre


Meta Project, Cardboard Citizens, 2016 (presenter,

Science communication theatre project exploring forum theatre as a means of interacting and teaching adolescents about neuroscience and psychology


Curious? Futures Festival 2016 (event co-ordinator,

Science communication projects presenting “The Future of the Brain”, exploring neuroscience and genetics through art



Action and Interaction Lab:

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