Noise and Learning





Are you wondering how studying at home due to COVID-19 might be influencing your child's learning? Well so are we! 



Our Research Focus:  

We are rolling out an online study to see how children/adolescents' learning might be affected by various noises and distractions from the home, and how some children who are more experienced with noise might be better able to cope with this, while those with less experience might have more difficulty. Our results will help both parents and educators better support children's learning during this pandemic. 


What You Need To Take Part: 

  1. A computer         2. Internet connection         3. Headphones  


Who Can Take Part: 

Children between the ages of 11 and 18 years old. A caregiver will need to be present at the beginning. 


How Much Time Will it Take: 

It only takes about 30 minutes to complete! 


How Does It Work: 

  1. Read the detailed information page and both parties will give consent.
  2. Fill out two questionnaires. The first is on sociodemographics and the second is on the noise in your home. (child and caregiver must be present).
  3. A quick headphone check to make sure everything is working properly. (child and caregiver must be present).
  4. Your child will play 3 fun games! (caregiver does not need to be present). 


If you are 11-15 YEARS OLD, click here for the study: BEGIN STUDY 11-15

If you are 16-18 YEARS OLD, click here for the study: BEGIN STUDY 16-18