Research with Toddlers and Pre-schoolers

Our brand new custom built ToddlerLab strives to mimic environments found in the real world (home, school and play), all the while harnessing emerging technologies to facilitate non-invasive research into children on the move. Like the Babylab, research at the ToddlerLab will focus on how toddlers develop and process the world around them.

“The new ToddlerLab provides us with an exciting facility for toddlers to roam around, interact with peers and behave as they would in the normal world, but all the while wearing specialist equipment that allows us to measure their brain activity.” Professor Denis Mareschal, Director of the CBCD

If you live in or around London and are interested in participating in any of our studies, please sign up today!

Signing up involves no commitment – it simply means we have the ability to contact you when your child matches the age group of one our studies. We will then invite you to take part and hope you say yes!